Ali Morabih

I have a passion for leveraging technology

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Tech Trailblazer

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Key Functions

In my role as an IT analyst, my primary duties involve breaking down business needs, devising, and implementing technological strategies to enhance an organization's operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Building Machine learning

Developing a machine learning model entails a series of systematic procedures, which can be distilled into the following stages: Data Acquisition and Cleansing, Data Preprocessing, Model Selection, Model Training, Model Evaluation, Model Deployment, and Ongoing Model Monitoring.

Web & Apps Development

Proficient in the design and development of web and mobile applications, I employ a variety of technologies, including HTML, CSS, Python, Java, and JavaScript, to craft visually stunning and fully functional online experiences. With a strong foundation in database management, I seamlessly integrate these applications with databases and APIs, ensuring seamless data retrieval and storage capabilities.

DevOps Engineers

Responsible for automating and streamlining the software development process to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase collaboration between development and operations teams. experience with infrastructure and cloud platforms, and be able to work collaboratively with others. .

Who Am I Ali

Hello, I am Ali Morabih...

I am Ali Morabih, based in Montreal, Canada, and I come with a robust background spanning over a decade in the field of IT. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computing from Edinburgh Napier University. In my role as an IT analyst, I take pleasure in the challenge of identifying and resolving intricate technical problems, relying on a blend of analytical thinking and creative solutions. My strong enthusiasm for staying current with the ever-evolving realm of technology underscores my commitment to continuous learning. My dedication to self-improvement recently led me to attain two Microsoft Cloud certifications, which have enriched my proficiency in cloud administration and architecture. As an IT analyst, my overarching objective is to drive positive change within an organization. This involves optimizing operational efficiency, reducing expenditures, bolstering security, and aligning technological solutions with business objectives. The achievement of these goals is a source of immense satisfaction to me.


Machine Learning


Web Application And Software


Database Design


IT Project

HTML, CSS, Java, JSON, YAML, Python, PowerShell

90% Complete

MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB, Azure Redis

80% Complete

Docker, AKS, kube-vip, YAML, Portainer, Github

80% Complete

Azure Load balancer, Azure Front Door, Azure Traffic Manager

95% Complete

VMware ESXi Host Client, Proxmox, Oracle VirtualBox

90% Complete

My Projects

To view the project codes and the contributions I have made on each project, simply click on the chain icon. It will redirect you to my personal GitHub repository where the code projects are stored

My Experience

Medavie BlueCross

2018 to Present

I have been working as an IT Analyst at Medavie Bluecross since 2018. In this role, I am responsible for analyzing business requirements and designing/implementing technology solutions to enhance the organization's efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, I have had the privilege to provide support and training to directors, president, and vice presidents (senior leaders), assisting them in leveraging technology to achieve strategic objectives.Furthermore, I have played a crucial role in installing and configuring new technologies within the organization, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. This has involved close collaboration with various IT teams both within and outside of Medavie. As an IT Analyst, I prioritize staying up-to-date with new technologies and methodologies. This commitment to continuous learning enables me to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and apply innovative solutions to address business challenges effectively. My experience at Medavie Bluecross has been both challenging and rewarding, and I am proud of the positive impact that my work has had on the organization's operations and overall success.

Pirel Dev

Jan 2018 to May 2018

During my time as a Developer at Pirel Inc, I was responsible for creating and maintaining software applications for clients. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including business analysts and quality assurance engineers, to gather requirements, design, develop, and implement effective software solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients. My key responsibilities encompassed all stages of the software development lifecycle, including coding, testing, debugging, and documenting software applications to ensure high-quality deliverables. In addition to my technical duties, I also played a role in client communication, providing updates on project progress, addressing any issues or concerns, and ensuring client satisfaction throughout the development process. This required strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as the ability to effectively manage project timelines and deliverables. My tenure as a Developer at Pirel Inc was conducted on a contract basis for a duration of 4 months, during which I demonstrated adaptability, problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results within tight deadlines.

Rogers Communications

Mar 2013 to Dec 2016

I have a diverse background in the IT field, having worked as a Technical Support Analyst for Rogers Telecommunications for three years before joining Medavie Bluecross. At Rogers, I was responsible for providing technical support and assistance to customers facing issues with their telecommunications services. I handled a wide range of inquiries, including troubleshooting connectivity issues, resolving software conflicts, and providing guidance on how to use various features of the service. During my tenure at Rogers, I honed my skills in navigating complex technical issues and identifying patterns in customer inquiries. This allowed me to develop efficient and effective solutions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, I gained valuable experience in working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines, as telecommunications services often require quick resolutions to maintain optimal functionality. My time at Rogers Telecommunications provided me with a solid foundation in technical support and customer service, which I have leveraged in my current role as an IT Analyst at Medavie Bluecross.


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